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B2B PURCHASE: Digitising material delivery systems for smart mines

Rashmi Singh of Reactore Systems explains about the current challenges in material delivery system and how her company is trying to solve it. The mining supply chain involves a series of convoluted activities spanning across operations, materials handling and logistics. Read More..


B2B PURCHASE: Reactore aims to capture Indian market

Prasad Ganta, Technical Operations Officer, Reactore interacts with B2B Purchase about his views on how 2017 will turn out to be for the Indian construction industry, his projections about the business and explains the strategies that will be undertaken to achieve those targets. Read More..


MINING PROSPECTUS: Mining – Specific Technology Reimagined

Reactore Solutions announces the release of their enterprise resource planning and management software solution for the mining industry – REACTORE.  Launched in April 2016, the modular system has been specifically developed for the operational, legislative and management requirements of the mining sector. Read More..


BIZZCOMMUNITY: Hard times demand optimised mining operations

During the commodity boom of the past decade, the mining industry invested heavily in infrastructure, personnel and capabilities. But when commodity prices plummeted and costs surged, mines were forced to re-evaluate their short- and long-term forecasts and rationalise production to stay in business. Read more..

MINING PROSPECTUS: Embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) and real time data for Mines

In a world where almost every industry requires some form of mineral based resource to produce their products, mining has been an inherent and much-needed activity for ensuring the growth of manufacturing countries. The mining sector also acts as a barometer for the state of these respective countries’ economies. Read more..

BIZZCOMMUNITY: Effective ERP solutions keep mines ahead of the market

The digital age has brought about many changes in the mining industry. More often than not, mines that embrace technology have remained ahead of the curve, achieving a positive ROI – even in the face of poor market conditions. Mining has traditionally been slower to adopt new technologies than its secondary and tertiary industry counterparts, particularly in the realm of ITC.  Read More..


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