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asset management and maintenance


An Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) module that maximises the return on assets with integrated asset life cycle management including procurement, workflow, administration, operations, maintenance and disposal for both fixed and mobile equipment and machinery.

Key Features:

  • Functionality to create a detailed, comprehensive, customisable asset register encompassing multiple aspects across multiple business and functional domains. Expand and manage data fields with inherent module extensibility for full customisation options.
  • A detailed asset maintenance profile providing a comprehensive maintenance and condition based monitoring history for each asset record. This enables maintenance planners to make informed decisions whilst formulating a maintenance strategy and achieve constant improvement.
  • Customisable user-defined technical specifications for every asset including component level details, scalable according to the user’s requirements with component level usage metrics and maintenance
  • An intelligent business rules driven auto-scheduling feature that plots out an optimised maintenance schedule to gain the most value from the maintenance team and reduce inefficiencies and administration overhead that arises from manual maintenance scheduling.
  • By integrating directly with sensors and OBDII port technology, track asset health with real-time condition based monitoring for both plant equipment, machinery, and vehicles.
  • Extensive work order management features including work order requests workflow, work order distribution and closure. Dedicated mobile device applications for recording details of work orders completed in the field.
  • A real-time analytics driven dashboard showcasing maintenance and engineering performance facilitating a platform for effective performance management of your engineering team and clear oversight as to the condition of your assets.
  • 3D modelling of assets incorporated with equipment maintenance dashboards to add a visual dimension to dashboards. Dashboards are totally interactive with zoom rotate and inspect features available for an immersive experience.
  • Inherent inventory management features for managing and tracking bill of material / spares and consumables utilised during maintenance activities and tracking maintenance costs.
  • Customisable reporting related to all areas of asset maintenance and management using an extensive library of KPI’s including MTBF; MTTR; OEE; availability; utilisation and more.


Asset Register

A comprehensive customisable asset register comprising of multiple aspects relating to an asset from business to technical, administrative, financial, operational and engineering – users can access asset information pertinent to their department and role. The asset register supports multiple asset types including mobile fleet, equipment, plants and fixed facilities. The asset register is customisable add your own fields to make the record fit for purpose or creating your own technical specifications. A comprehensive maintenance record for each asset, it allows the user to make informed decisions when creating a maintenance strategy.
maintain asset register

Preventive Maintenance Strategy

A powerful and flexible work order and preventive maintenance (PM) management system designed to reduce complexity and administrative overhead without compromising on power or features. It is a platform to achieve the principals of continuous improvement in your chosen maintenance strategy. Create a planned maintenance strategy with highly configurable PM’s with multiple business rule configurations and apply to one or more assets for seamless efficient maintenance scheduling.

Work Order Management

Manage work orders effectively with Reactore’s total work order (WO) management feature and get the most out of your applied maintenance strategy. Submit real time requests, track every event, log hours taken to complete a work order and run comprehensive reports to view events across the organization.

  • Work Orders: View, search and open all work orders in the system. View their status as well as the corresponding trade skill and or priority.
  • Work Order Requests: Log WO requests seamlessly and resolve the same using Reactore’s business process management.
  • Work Order Management: Monitor resolution of WO’s in real time as they have been closed. Establish artisan efficiency and performance to track execution of maintenance strategy.
  • Field Maintenance: Reactore’s Mobile App allows for artisans, technicians and mechanics to view work order instructions, record bill of materials and work undertaken in the field for seamless real time updates to the Reactore Server.


Scheduling of planned and unplanned maintenance activities increases reliability and decreases downtime of critical assets. Reactore provides an intelligent business rules driven auto-scheduling feature that plots out an optimised maintenance schedule to get the most value out of a maintenance team thus reducing unnecessary downtime caused due to administrative inefficiency associated with fulfilling required maintenance.

Key Features
  • A user friendly visual calendar interface for maintenance scheduling providing insight into work order management and backlog resolution
  • Manual scheduling for complete flexibility enhanced with system validation and user defined business rule schedule configuration
  • Once published, work orders are distributed accordingly with all relevant notifications sent to designated employees

3D and Dashboard

A ‘5D approach’ to visualising fixed assets with an interactive three dimensional representation of assets using Reactore’s extensive equipment model library. Go ‘Beyond 3D’ by applying the dimensions of time and the 5th dimension data to your 3D model thus providing a rich visual representation on the status and performance of your assets across multiple data scenarios. This provides the means to quickly and seamlessly identify current or potential issues thus enabling the means to take proactive measures in dealing with issues or at the very least facilitate quick response times to challenges as they arise.


asset performance reporting



Reactore’ s powerful reporting tools generates reports for the requirements of users at any level of the organization. You can define and retrieve, view and analyze reports to get real time information relevant to their specific operational needs and roles. Schedule reports for automatic generation at intervals of your choosing or produce reports on demand using highly customizable input parameters available.

Asset Management

Reduce costs and improve ROA with real time visibility and management of your assets.