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Reactore Video Launch

Reactore Video Launch. Witness Mining Reimagined!

WATCH VIDEO The recently released Reactore launch video highlights key features and benefits of this powerful software solution designed specifically for the mining industry. As Reactore is both a broad and comprehensive software solution, the challenge was to filter only the main benefits and product features into a salient visual medium that conveys the full business value whilst respecting the viewers’ valuable time – and indeed a challenge it was! Many team personnel and end users contributed with the ensuing result turning [...]

Effectiveness of ERP Systems in Mining

Mining has changed rapidly with the advent of the 21st century and the frontier of the new digital age. More often than not it has been observed that mines that are embracing technology and leveraging its benefits have remained ahead of the curve and critically, achieving positive ROI results - even in the face of current testing market conditions that the industry as a whole is facing. For the greater part, mining in general has been slower to adopt new [...]

Optimised Mining Operations: Their Hour of Need

LAY OF THE LAND IN THEIR HOUR OF NEED During the commodity boom of the past decade, the mining industry invested heavily in their infrastructure, personnel and capabilities to meet the commodity demand. Today the industry faces a shrinking and volatile market with no end date in sight for a return to the previous commodity highs. Over the past two years there has been a sharp U-turn by mining companies from capital investment to cost cutting and in many cases, sell [...]

Internet of Things for Miners

Embracing Internet of Things (IoT) for Miners

With almost every industry requiring mineral based resources to produce their products, mining has been an inherent and much-needed activity for ensuring the growth of manufacturing in most mining countries as well as the barometer for the state of these respective countries' economies. Demand for manufactured goods has been falling for the past 6 years as has the demand for the associated minerals used to manufacture these products. This has led to a massive decline in commodity value and output. [...]

South Africa Mining

South African Mining: Where is it Headed?

African continent remains the hotbed for mining bauxite, cobalt, industrial diamonds, manganese, phosphate rock, gold, platinum group of metals and zirconium. Extractive industries are essential for the much-needed development and growth strategies for the African countries. Looking back, African mining reached a new high in the years between 2001 and 2008 that saw a sustained commodity boom, famously called the Commodity Super Cycle that was driven mainly by Chinese demand (China imported $100-bn worth of minerals recently in 2012). South Africa’s [...]


Coal Mining at Crossroads

Ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution, coal has remained an indispensable ingredient for modern transport and infrastructure. The building blocks of our modern world; glass, cement, steel and aluminium are energy intensive to produce, and coal powers their production. Being commercially mined in over 50 countries, coal is still the most abundant, accessible, and affordable source of energy. Coal though has one downside, burning it produces more pollutants than other fuels.

Save tonnes of wastage at mine

A Stitch in Time Saves a Tonne of Resource Wastage at a Mine

Ever heard “a stitch in time saves nine”? In the mining context, being able to respond quickly to exigencies by identifying critical issues involved would help a mine reduce losses due to downtime. More importantly, it may even save precious lives of miners if the incidents involve them. A stitch in time, hence, could save several lives in a mine and a lot of costs due to downtime. Unplanned Downtime Many of the mines operate all hours of the day, and all days of [...]

OSI 2014

Highlights of OSI 2014

Open source has been around for quite some time in the past. Businesses have been skeptical of adopting open source solutions due to concerns about safety, perceived a lack of support and simply because that wasn’t the way things were done. But these days, open source solutions are becoming increasingly popular as decision makers realize that they stack up strongly, if not better than their proprietary counterparts and often cost considerably less if anything at all. As an ode to [...]

Cloudjet Labs visits MangoMist

Cloudjet Labs goes to Mango Mist Resort

It was a perfect getaway for the Reactore team that worked hard on its first version. An outing to a refreshing location is all we needed to recharge our batteries and that is exactly what we ended-up having. The Hunt As the first schedule of the product neared completion, the talk about going on a 2 days trip got everyone excited. The hunt for a great location commenced soon after. After much deliberation it was either MangoMist or Guhantara resorts that [...]

Challenges faced by mining industry

Mining – Challenges mean opportunities

Mining has always been viewed as beneficial to society and a necessity for mankind's advancement and innovation. Mining activities have provided the raw materials used by nearly all industries globally and are currently a vital part of the economies of around 50 countries with millions of the world's poorest people economically dependent on mining. In addition, mining companies have implemented infrastructure, in remote areas, that have benefited local communities with shared roads, rail, digital connectivity, water management [...]