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Apache Zookeeper as Configuration Manager

Zookeeper website defines it as: ZooKeeper is a centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization, and providing group services.   There have been many debates on using a dedicated configuration server against having a config file for managing the configurations. One of the main argument against configuration servers is, having to manage additional application for just storing the configurations. This makes sense in smaller applications. However, one of the biggest challenges in a distributed environment with multiple applications is [...]

Generic Rest API Services using Akka-Http

In our last blog post, we had shown How to build a generic repository pattern using Slick-3. In this post, we will discuss building a generic REST Service using Akka-Http and integrate with the repository pattern implementation. The common methods we are allowing by default are given below: get all get by ID save update by id delete by id Like in Repository Pattern, we need to create an abstract class for generic REST API. [crayon-5cc0a84739456370979371/] Here, the class BaseRest takes the parameter pathName, which defines the base path of all [...]

using scala

Repository Pattern/Generic DAO Implementation in Scala using Slick

We, at Reactore, switched from Java to Scala over a year ago. We are utilising most of the cutting edge technologies in the Scala Ecosystem. We always strive to write better, re-usable and more efficient code. In this blog, we are demonstrating how to implement a generic DAO pattern in Scala using Slick, which is an excerpt from Reactore's core framework. We use both the repository pattern and generic DAO pattern in this blog. The term, Repository Pattern is very closely associated [...]