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reactore ecosystem

Workflow Process Engine

Business Process Management Across all Modules

At the core of the Reactore solution is a powerful workflow engine orchestrating the integration of the different process components with the overall solution. The workflow engine helps control the information flow between individuals, departments and next processing stage according to a defined workflow map. Reconfigure and redeploy those built-in processes at any point of time based on your evolving requirements. Build powerful workflows for your complex needs using core functionalities which help to access various workflow integrable components like REST API selection. Assign to employees and roles, notification services, etc. to improve the visibility and control of your business processes.

Workflow Process Engine

Action Manager

Effectively manage ad hoc tasks for general administration and legislative requirements


Managing large volumes of administrative and operational deliverables effectively is a challenge for most organisations. Mining operations face the additional challenge of dealing with legislative requirements. Reactore’s Action Manager streamlines the processes involved in dealing with these deliverables by managing and tracking actions from initiation to completion.


Optimised, efficient management of time based and reoccurring activities

Scheduling manual recurring processes can be time consuming and monitoring these processes often requires users to be signed in after working hours. Reactore’s scheduler reduces the administrative overhead associated with these processes and assists in tracking all your manual recurring processes and optimally fits it into a scheduler to manage efficiently. The scheduler is both flexible and scalable allowing you to run jobs at scheduled intervals during the day, the week or periodically throughout any month or year.



Integrate Seamlessly With Your Existing Hardware & Software Systems

software integration with existing mine system

RSB-lite is the integration engine which enables Reactore to connect to 3rd party mining systems and leverage their data to facilitate a truly 360 degree view of operations.
Connecting disparate systems and processes that need to share data and representing this data in a single consolidated environment facilitates increased business agility and oversight and the opportunity to revolutionise the way your operation is managed.

KPI Library

Construct Your Own Dashboard Based on Your Required Perspective

Individual requirements may vary when it comes to dashboards. Sometimes you might need to pin point a specific part of the operation and sometimes the need for a bird’s eye view is necessary. The KPI library provides numerous templates to compose dashboards providing a composite view of various KPI’s of your choosing. Construct a dashboard for something as simple as current production rate to complex dashboards powered by 3D visualisation and Time Flow for a detailed overview of all your operations.

dashboard based KPI library

Time Flow

A Virtual Time Machine to View Operational Data

time recording of mining activities

Reactore’s ‘Time Flow’ (TF) is a virtual ‘time machine’ for visually exploring and making sense of your business data and the information it reveals about your mining operation. The advantage of TF’s unique representation of data is the powerful ability of dynamic visualisation to detect meaningful patterns that might otherwise remain hidden. TF enables uses to view historical playback of KPI data in the various Reactore modules dashboards and ‘play’ their statistical data as an interactive 3D video of their operation with a searchable timeline for rich retrospective analysis and intelligent future forecasting.