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human resource management software for mines


Reactore HR can serve as a stand-alone module or as a supplementary solution that can coexist and complement existing HR systems via seamless integration. Manage your HR strategies for both employees and contractors from recruitment to retirement.

Key Features:

  • Extensive personnel records, encompassing all aspects with extensibility features allowing for data record customisation.
  • Medical record management – employee medical records including features to track and manage periodical medical renewals.
  • Training Administration – Manage employee skills development programs and internal training interventions with ease including SOP’s, PTO’s and safety induction requirements.
  • Time and Attendance – Access control and time and attendance management features via direct integration with biometric hardware or software systems. Integration with existing payroll systems if required.
  • Performance Management– Define detailed job profiles for all employees to ensure legislate compliance and performance management.
  • Leave management features allow for customisable business rules regarding leave approval and accumulation.
  • Recruitment administration features that facilitate the formulation of extensive recruitment databases. Manage job postings, assess and manage candidates based on parameters of your choice
  • Dedicated mobile apps for your workforce for task management, leave applications and employee record management. Public information kiosk features are also available for workers to interact with their HR department digitally.
  • Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems and other Reactore modules to incorporate HR and IR management as part of a 360 solution.

Comprehensive Employee and Contractor Management

Maintaining detailed Employee data is a valuable asset for any business. Reactore’s employee information management system is a simple yet effective solution where critical employee historical and demographic data can be securely stored, retrieved and utilised in multiple contexts where required.With a quick-tab navigation system, you can track and access employee information in a single click as opposed to manual data archival or using cumbersome legacy software solutions. Track key employee information including, time and attendance, shift allocation, leave, reporting-to structures, training, performance and much more

resource management software for mines

Candidate Management

A database of potential employee candidates at your fingertips

Easily capture and store demographic data by skills, taxonomy, aptitudes and other characteristics for employee candidates. Interrogate your database and identify the candidates that fit into your required demographic criteria, skills and qualifications, and filter based on the best assessment scores using built in psychometric, literacy, numeracy, spatial awareness testing standards or your user-defined technical evaluations.

Candidate Management

Job Profile

Identify and qualify the right candidates

Clearly define employee designations for legislative, recruitment and performance management purposes. The Job Profile feature is a highly configurable means to manage job roles in an organisation. Search for a job profile including job title, documents associated with job profile, a list of employees under a single job profile, job profiles marked for employment equity or legislative requirements and beyond.

Align your user defined job titles with industry specific standards and conventions. Facilitate seamless reporting outputs for multiple legal requirements while still maintaining your job title naming preferences where required.

Job Posting

Simplified administration of internal and external recruitment process

The efficient workflows and tracking processes in Reactore help create the job posting for positions required and search for job postings based on posting number reference, status and job profile.

The Reactore software mining solution streamlines your hiring process by creating job postings; describe the competencies, qualifications and responsibilities of the position and associated documents related to each job posting to attract the highest quality candidates.

Calculate total workforce based on various parameters like ethnicity, nationality, employment type, competencies and skills, quickly and accurately.

candidate and compliance management software

Training and Interventions

On time and in time interventions

  • Create your intervention framework and assign the required business rules and configurations against them. Track and monitor progress towards reaching skills development targets using built-in dashboard charts across a timeline period.
  • Catalog, schedule, manage and track all types of intervention activities including name, category, validity, lead time before expiry, etc. Track the resolution of pending interventions with performance management KPI’s and powerful visual representations.
  • Historical audit trail of skills, interventions and training data for each employee including cost based reporting. Manage each training session, certification and skills development program with an easy to use, yet powerful management feature.
  • Ensure diligent and consistent enforcement of mine safety policies; take affirmative steps to ensure implementation of regulations on health and safety training programs and to document such enforcement and disciplines
  • Get early warning notifications of impending license and intervention validity expiration to ensure 100% compliance.

Training and Interventions management

Leave Management

Enjoy the benefits of powerful, rules driven, highly customisable set of features to dilute the complexity and administrative overhead of dealing with employee leave management. Deliver projects in time, avoid legal hassles, and ensure a work-life balance of your staff and job satisfaction with Reactore’s leave management feature.

  • Built-in adjustable rules and configurations based on legislative requirements that can be adjusted according to company policy
  • Support for multiple systems and configurations
  • Scalable – Scope to add additional leave types as required
  • Custom leave profile that is flexible enough to be aligned with any organisational structure irrespective of its complexity
  • Leave application transaction management with approval workflow to streamline the process. Applications can be made by an employee or by a direct supervisor
  • Access to leave transaction history for each employee allowing management to make informed decisions
  • User definable rules engine for granting and application of leave transactions that can be aligned with legislative requirements and/or company policy

Leave Management

Human Resource Management

One Solution, One application. Transform and manage your HR Strategies from recruitment to retirement.