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Reactore Video Launch

Reactore Video Launch. Witness Mining Reimagined!


The recently released Reactore launch video highlights key features and benefits of this powerful software solution designed specifically for the mining industry.

As Reactore is both a broad and comprehensive software solution, the challenge was to filter only the main benefits and product features into a salient visual medium that conveys the full business value whilst respecting the viewers’ valuable time – and indeed a challenge it was!

Many team personnel and end users contributed with the ensuing result turning out to be a racy, jam packed video with much detail and product insight. There have been many comments and questions raised by interested parties since the release of the video and this blog serves to unpack the video and address some of the queries raised.

“How can Reactore optimise your mine operation?”

how can reactore optimise mine

The video’s opening sequence deals with a simple yet powerful question, “How can Reactore optimise your mine operation?” and addresses this with noted key business value features provided by Reactore.

Enabling Collaboration in planning

collaborative planning in mines

Reactore’s Operation Planning module provides real time collaboration, for multiple users, by providing a virtual work space that does not depend on geographical location and where information can be exchanged and assessed by all parties concerned. This platform facilitate shorter mine planning cycles with greater oversight by key decision makers for generating a mine plan that delivers maximum value.

Greater accuracy in resource management and estimations

greater accuracy in resorce management

Reactore’s resource management modules facilitate effective resource planning and management for both Assets and Personnel. With the aid of advanced algorithms, users are provided with realistic suggestions that consider all possible current and future assumptions, constraints and risk.

Mine plan guided scheduling

mine plan guided schedule

Reactore’s Production Scheduler reduces administrative overhead but more importantly Reactore facilitates a direct connection between the Operational planning and the Production module scheduler that ensures vital, strategic mine plan data, which is viewed and translated seamlessly, by operational management and field personnel, as an integrated plan and schedule of operations.


return on investment on mines
Accurate, real time, management of all mining resources, reduces risk and increases resource utilisation ensuring a rapid return on investment.

Real Time Monitoring

real time planning and monitoring

Real time data empowers users to make proactive decisions that increase business agility, mitigate risk and ensure scheduled output is achieve as planned.

Reduced Costs

reduced costs in mines

Reactore improves productivity, performance, resource utilisation and management of a mine’s resources, infrastructure and operations ensuring reduction of costs and increased profitability.

3rd Party Integration

real time integration in mining

Reactore is digitally transforming the mining industry with seamless integration of its modules to a mine’s existing systems providing a rich platform to record all activity detail against budgeted input and output. Reactore’s ‘RSB-Lite’ integration engine makes it possible for a mine to connect with their existing systems. Reactore compliments and works with existing systems to facilitate a centralised approach to managing all systems for real-time, proactive decision making.  If your coffee machine produces data, Reactore can talk to it!

Reactore Ecosystem and the Mining Value Chain

This video comprises two parts. The initial 90 seconds highlighting keywords associated with the functionality of the Reactore solution and the remaining part of the video introduces the viewer to the blue honeycomb structure representing the Reactore Ecosystem and the contextual operational dashboards.


The Reactore Ecosystem compliments and enhances Reactore’s modules with centralised functional business tools, configurability and extensibility to ensure coordinated optimisation of overall operational systems within a singular and dynamic enterprise management solution. Reactore encompasses many business domains, including HR management, Asset Maintenance, Facility management, Mining operations management, Mine Planning and Budgeting, Assets and Personnel Tracking, Collision avoidance, risk management and legislative compliance.


In the video, the Reactore Ecosystem ‘disc’ is placed strategically in the centre of a virtual mining environment with various data streams moving between the various stages of the mining value chain via the central Reactore Ecosystem. The viewer is then taken through a virtual mining environment from a first person’s perspective and what follows is series of contextual data dashboards, representing the information and data that is made available to the user whilst using Reactore to manage their operation.

Dashboard 1: Collaborative Planning

collaborative planning

Reactore is a software system designed with a unique set of features that can be utilised by a broad spectrum of users, from operational staff managing day to day operations to executives seeking Reporting and Analytics solutions.  It enables planners, managers, and executives to easily interact, share schedules and make coordinated responses to schedule changes. Collaborate and track project information simultaneously with Reactore’s multi-user network across remote locations.

Dashboard 2: Resource Management

Resource management

Resource management and operational management go hand in hand and this dashboard represents how Reactore couples resource management and operational scheduling to achieve maximum efficiency. Effective management of personnel and assets results in an optimised, safe and legally compliant operational environment with mitigated risk and reduced costs.

Dashboard 3: Beneficiation

beneficiation in mines

Reactore manages much of the mining value chain from mine planning to production and including beneficiation processes. The viewer is taken through a coal wash plant to signify how Reactore interacts with such an operational environment. With facility management and real time data dashboards representing a mine’s plants in 3D, Reactore offers end to end management of the beneficiation process with realistic real time 3D visualisation of operations. From mining and producing an ore or a concentrate, converting it into a bulk tonnage intermediate product, converting the intermediate goods into a refined product and finally manufacturing a final product for sale, including all QA/QC requirements that are required, the beneficiation dashboard records all of these actions in detail for the end user to visualise and act upon when alerted by Reactore to a variance in planned processing.

Dashboard 4:

i) Mining Operations


Reactore promises to transform the way you view and manage your mining operations. Real time enterprise data in a 3D dashboard allows users to have intuitive management analytics and timely decision making to improve safety and productivity.

ii) Integration and RSB agent


Reactore makes it easy to connect to data from any existing production system and presenting the processed data in a single unified environment for a complete 360-degree view of operations. Reactore provides connectivity tools between Reactore and existing experts system including plant equipment, access control systems, data producing assets, various operational and financial software applications and other.

Dashboard 5: Budget and Planning

budget and planning dashboard

The final “Budget and Planning’ dashboard represents the big picture and depicts how a mine can monitor their entire operational performance and financials against the budgeted Mine Plan for acute real time management and a 360 degree oversight of operations.

The video’s intent is to highlight the simplicity of managing complicated data and multiple processes using the Reactore ERP solution and thereby overcoming many of the current challenges faced by the mining industry.

Reactore is mining software reimagined.

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  • Mandila Reply

    Sustain the incredible work !! Lovin’ it!

    October 9, 2016 at 4:39 pm
    • Reactore Solutions Reply

      Thank you for the appreciation!

      December 1, 2016 at 4:53 am

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