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asset tracker software solution


Reactore’s Asset Tracker allows the mines to monitor payload, operator performance, and asset location on almost any modern browser, in real-time using a rich terrain based dashboard.
Track key performance indicators such as equipment utilisation, harsh braking/acceleration and over speeding for real time performance management.

Key Features:

  • Performance management links directly to the operators involved in moving materials. Asset Tracker facilitates insight into individual operator behavioural trends to promote identification of risky operator behaviour or unusual activity.
  • Real-time asset location, movement and payload telemetry displayed on a terrain based dashboard with contextual drill down data available on demand for each vehicle. Accessible by multiple simultaneous users you track the entire fleet or flag a single or handful of vehicles based upon your requirements.
  • Notifications of various event types as they occur, for a real-time response to threats and areas of concern. Readily identify, in real- time safety concerns or poor throughput of materials to manage risk and improve productivity on the fly and adapt to every changing operational requirements.
  • Replay payload and operational events based on selected items and timelines for detailed and accurate analytics and auditing of events.
  • All events are tagged with geo-coordinates enabling management to view all event locations as they occur and recorded for historical audits and reporting.
  • All events are tagged with geo-coordinates enabling management to view real-time notification of an event and its location as it occurs. ¬†This information is also used for historical reporting, analytics and audits.
  • Produce a wide variety of reports, including payload, summary and utilisation statistics along with progressive KPI’s and charts. These display real-time or historical data according to user defined parameters and requirements.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other Reactore business modules to provide a comprehensive asset and production management solution.asset tracking and realtime monitoring


Asset Tracker

Real Time tracking of fleet and mission critical data for complete oversight of mining activities.