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mining software for production


Comprehensive scheduling and shift management features to ensure that your mining operations stay on track. Reactore’s production module provides supervisory personnel and decision makers’ key data to manage operations proactively and ensure a safer and more productive operation. Reactore’s Production module is an operations management solution that seamlessly translates strategic mine plans into optimised operational schedules, providing end-to-end visibility of mining operations, in real-time for effective performance management.

Key Features:

  • Visibility throughout: See where you are, how you got there and where you are going to be by removing the guesswork from operational management using real time data and powerful user defined reporting.
  • Manage simple to complex mining production requirement including Excavation, Drilling and Blasting using capacity, inventory and resource management features.
  • Facilitate optimised production planning and scheduling of key resources, including assets, personnel and consumables.
  • Maximize equipment throughput, reduce finishing losses and minimise production costs while maintaining required service output levels.
  • Harness the power of Reactore’s cutting edge Time Flow technology in its real time 3D dashboard platform
  • Generate customisable reporting outputs for all levels including shift summary, month to date performance on demand and other production reports designed to provide multiple perspectives of current and historical operational status.
  • Dedicated mobile field applications for operators, supervisors, and management, with live real-time data, relayed to and from a central control room.
  • Various dashboards providing insight into operational performance management, in real-time, using rich and informative visualisation of big data.


Plan and Schedule

  • Reactore’s production scheduler is an intuitive tool designed with a set of mine-specific business rules to create an optimal schedule for mining activities.
  • A tight integration between strategic operational plans and scheduling is fundamental to the success of rolling out production plans effectively. Reactore’s operational plan guided schedule takes the high level operational plan targets and translates it into simplified and quantifiable deliverables for production team to achieve thus removing the disconnect often experienced with high level strategic planners and low level day to day scheduling teams.

  • Scheduling deals with conflict resolution by automatically scrutinising multiple schedules across various domains including maintenance, training and leave schedules. Streamline your production scheduling process to eliminate schedule conflicts and ensure health and safety of assets and personnel.
  • Day to day operations are depicted using a user friendly Gantt chart interface for transparent and insight management of short term scheduling needs. Activities are scheduled in an output driven orientation with resource levelling algorithms to create the optimal schedule.

Production control room for mines


Execute and Monitor

Production Tracking

Measure the mine performance using indicators such as production rates, availability, utilisation and other performance management KPI’s. Get actionable data for better asset and production management to optimising operations. Modify schedules to adjust production rate to achieve required targets. Evaluate your production process, identify and address inefficiencies to improve production output.

Shift Management

Shift management allows a mine to monitor, manage and control production shift activities and resources from a control room environment using real time data to help make timely decisions and keep production on track.

Report and Analyse

production reporting and analysis at mines

Reactore’s Production module offers a wide array of built in and customisable reporting options to cater for multiple perspectives of a mining operation. All reports have extensive drill down capabilities for detailed root cause analysis where required. A real time interactive dashboard also provides high level production metrics and KPI’s using rich and detailed charts for visualisation of data and analytics for simple interpretation of complex operational data.

Shift Reports

Provides a daily shift report showing a summary of drill, blast and excavation data along with production impact event analysis for each pit or schedule. Additionally multiple shift reports can be consolidated into a summary report for an entire day’s review.

shift reporting for mining production

Mining Production

Plan, schedule and manage production with end to end visibility of all activities and resources