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Increasing demand and benefits of mobile field apps in mining

The paradigm shift The mining industry is undergoing tremendous change as the costs and challenges associated with exploration and exploitation of ore bodies increases.  An ever-growing demand for legislative compliance, fulfilment of good corporate governance, is also adding to the challenges and change across the industry.  Stakeholders are expecting improvements in productivity and overall mining efficiency. These expectations are now top priority directives in both the boardroom and in the field. The above external factors have motivated mines to adopt [...]

Apache Zookeeper as Configuration Manager

Zookeeper website defines it as: ZooKeeper is a centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization, and providing group services.   There have been many debates on using a dedicated configuration server against having a config file for managing the configurations. One of the main argument against configuration servers is, having to manage additional application for just storing the configurations. This makes sense in smaller applications. However, one of the biggest challenges in a distributed environment with multiple applications is [...]

Digitally transforming the Indian mining industry: The impetus to use technology and Innovation to take operations to the next level.

Indian mining is an old industry. Many aren’t aware of the fact, but India was the first country to deliver diamonds in the world before Britain entered into the picture. With time, these roots strengthened as Indian mine exploration and exploitation witnessed transformation over decades through modernisation. Despite the industry transforming, India still wasn’t at pace with the technological advancements made by her international peers.  The course of Indian mining had never rested in the lap of luxury but struggled [...]

Now we are ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

We are extremely proud to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification from Integrated Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd. (IQMS) for our Quality Management System (QMS). We at Reactore, strive continuously to provide high-quality products to achieve great customer satisfaction within meeting statutory and regulatory requirements. We aspire to fulfill our commitment through: Maintaining Quality check at every stage Engaging with customers and emphasising on customer satisfaction Fostering best practices, innovation and continual improvement of the product Keep the team motivated and ensured their [...]

Generic Rest API Services using Akka-Http

In our last blog post, we had shown How to build a generic repository pattern using Slick-3. In this post, we will discuss building a generic REST Service using Akka-Http and integrate with the repository pattern implementation. The common methods we are allowing by default are given below: get all get by ID save update by id delete by id Like in Repository Pattern, we need to create an abstract class for generic REST API. [crayon-5cc0a82f86128753068546/] Here, the class BaseRest takes the parameter pathName, which defines the base path of all [...]

using scala

Repository Pattern/Generic DAO Implementation in Scala using Slick

We, at Reactore, switched from Java to Scala over a year ago. We are utilising most of the cutting edge technologies in the Scala Ecosystem. We always strive to write better, re-usable and more efficient code. In this blog, we are demonstrating how to implement a generic DAO pattern in Scala using Slick, which is an excerpt from Reactore's core framework. We use both the repository pattern and generic DAO pattern in this blog. The term, Repository Pattern is very closely associated [...]

Reactore Video Launch

Reactore Video Launch. Witness Mining Reimagined!

WATCH VIDEO The recently released Reactore launch video highlights key features and benefits of this powerful software solution designed specifically for the mining industry. As Reactore is both a broad and comprehensive software solution, the challenge was to filter only the main benefits and product features into a salient visual medium that conveys the full business value whilst respecting the viewers’ valuable time – and indeed a challenge it was! Many team personnel and end users contributed with the ensuing result turning [...]

Effectiveness of ERP Systems in Mining

Mining has changed rapidly with the advent of the 21st century and the frontier of the new digital age. More often than not it has been observed that mines that are embracing technology and leveraging its benefits have remained ahead of the curve and critically, achieving positive ROI results - even in the face of current testing market conditions that the industry as a whole is facing. For the greater part, mining in general has been slower to adopt new [...]